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“We chose DivergeIT to manage our corporate IT so we can maintain complete focus on running our core business.” David Erickson CEO, CARRIERX

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“DivergeIT has been our IT partner for 15 years. They’ve been in-sync with our business goals and IT needs every step of the way. I don’t stress about IT anymore.”

Suzanne Lerner


Learn About The Advantages of Managed IT

When you book a consultation, you’ll have the opportunity to ask all of your questions related to the attributes of managed IT, and get the answers you need to make an informed decision. You’ll be able to discuss your business’s specific needs and goals, and learn how managed IT can help you achieve them. During your consultation, you’ll also have the chance to: Get a personalized assessment of your IT systems and processes. Learn about the different managed IT services available and how they can benefit your business. Get a better understanding of the costs involved and how they can be managed. Discuss the level of expertise and experience that a managed IT provider can bring to your business. Find out how managed IT can help you stay ahead of the latest technology trends and stay ahead of your competition.

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“In this fast-changing digital world, it is not easy to keep clients happy. I am filled with admiration for the way Jarrod & Jim have built DivergeIT, and thrilled with the consistently high level of service we have received over the 15 years (and counting!) of our IT partnership”

Nigel Sinclair


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“Scheduling our IT Health Assessment with DivergeIT was one of the best decisions we’ve made. We were in the dark about why our previous IT provider was causing so much downtime and stress for our team. After discussing our assessment results and prioritized IT roadmap with DivergeIT, we understood exactly what needed to be done to align our IT with our business. We’ve been a happy customer since 2021. My only regret is not scheduling our IT assessment with DivergeIT sooner.”

Gary Bettis
Bettis Insurance Services
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“DivergeIT is an exceptionally fast, smart, and consistent IT partner.  They add significant value to our internal team in the areas of Network Management and Microsoft Cloud design, deployment, and management experts”

Charles Sims


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“My very first call with DivergeIT was a game-changer. I finally found someone who listened carefully and responded in a way that made perfect sense to me. I didn’t know how good IT could be for me and my business until they got us on the right path.”

– Linda Artiano, PrincipalArtiano & Associates
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